Explore the Alps, Pyranees, and the Rockies

A climbing, hiking and abseiling guide who can travel with you…

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Hello, my name is Cyrille...

Hello, my name is Cyrille...

I grew up in France where I spent all of my summers in the Alps and Pyranees. Now I live in Canada and have the Rockies to explore, both Canadian and in the USA. Come and join me, or I can travel to you.

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The full details of what I can offer to help your next outdoor pursuit be a tremendous success.

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I will be available to guide you through mountains, trails, valleys and through forests in 2018


Let's spend time in the most beautiful places on Earth

Mother nature is incredible, she really is. Danger brings excitement, the elements make you feel fully alive. Whether you want to stroll along easy to moderate hiking trails, or do something very challenging like abseiling or free climbing I can help.
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Let's spend time in the most beautiful places on Earth

Let me join on your next adventure!

I have had the pleasure of traveling the world, and hiking and climbing the most amazing places in the world. From the relaxed and dreamy Rockies in Colorado to the challenging upper sections of Mont Blanc, I've done them all... One of my fondest memories was of the time I spent in Nepal. I started with the plan of getting to the top of Mount Everest, but sadly it was too challenging for me and I had to turn around before the death zone. Now I am available to travel with you, or travel to meet you so that we can go trekking, hiking or climbing together. Sounds like fun ha?

What My Climbing Companions Say

  • Cyrille is an accomplished climber who is very disciplined and detail oriented. He has a wonderful sense of humour, but keeps that for after the hard climbing has been done.

    Marc Thomas
  • Cyrille could have been a professional climber, but always loved to travel more than the climbing itself. I’m so happy that he has decided to start a new venture that can combine his passions, climbing, travelling, hiking and camping.

    Jaques Villeroux

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